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The Star Wars Party That Did Not Happen

So here we are. Six years old and no Star Wars party.

How and why and, more importantly, why not?

Don’t get me wrong. Preparations had begun, at least research-wise. I don’t really cook or bake but I do have a way with putting things togeteher. I also have very good Googling skills. So I had a growing folder of resources and links.

But first, what happened?

Matthew’s birthday was to be on the first day when school came back after the mid-year term break. That alone was a challenge, because it meant sending invitations out a two weeks early. I had no invitations in mind but I thought, hey, maybe origami with a handwritten note will be a nice touch. I’ve done it before. But never a Star Wars kind. But I had my trusty list to consult. (I told you I was getting ready.)

Star Wars Origami
Yoda (1)
Yoda (2)
Darth Vader (super cute)
TIE Bomber

And then, things started going in ways I did not like.

Matthew’s birthday was declared a holiday.

Dad had a project he couldn’t get out of.

Because of these, I thought of a Plan B: little weekend celebrations with relatives, birthday breakfast with the family, and then a party for classmates.

Yes, I still wanted the party to go through. Even if I had to do it all by myself.

At this point I was still ignoring a nagging little voice that kept saying, “Logistical nightmare.”

If it were just cake and candles and a birthday song, it would have been so easy. Order some food, had them delivered.

Instead, I ordered for a Stormtrooper. Seriously.

I talked to a friend who was part of the 501st Legion, “a fan-based organization for people who own and proudly wear the costumes of the Stormtroopers (and other Imperial characters) from the Star Wars movies.” Matthew met them at a Star Wars Lego event and, of course, he was smitten.

It was going on perfectly. I just wanted a surprise appearance and, after few covert private messages, we were set.

And then I canceled. I had to. There’s only so much I can do on my own. But I lost my artist (Dad), and that left me with little but my dreams. They’ll need to wait for next year. I already have my inspiration board consisting of other amazing examples, such as:

Death Star Pinata


Chewie soba


Jawa burgers


C3PO and R2D2 bento


Balloon Lightsabers


Sigh. I had a lot of good plans.

This better happen next year. Though I can imagine expectations will be slightly bigger.

(We did have a good birthday. Was Star Wars part of it? Of course. Tell you next time.)

Maybe next year?


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